Harris Twee[d]

Harris Twee

sometimes twee but not anymore

Back in October I travelled to Glasgow and the very hip ‘n’ cool Hillhead Bookclub for a wee (not twee ;)) Harris Tweed Fashion show with Ms Diggory Brown and her gorgeous ladies kilts (you can see some great shots of her designs at the Diggory Brown facebook page).


The world famous Orb

The fashion show was organised by Harris Tweed Hebrides (who have a new shop in Stornoway – check out that  Annabel Coat in the window!)

It was very dark in the venue so my photos of the models are kinda rubbish (diggory has some on her facebook), I decided to focus on the smaller details instead.



nice period features if you can get them

nice period features if you can get them

There was double excitment when the firemen turned up (although they didn’t look too happy to be there).  There was no fire, but by that time the party seemed to be over and the most interesting item there was this lampshade

uhuh, its a lampshade

uhuh, its a lampshade

Judy R Clark was there with her famous frock-coats and fab drawings


Christopher Kane AW 10/11 (C)

Christopher Kane AW 10/11 (C)

Ms Diggory has also been in American Vogue with this wee number she knocked up for Christopher Kane at London Fashion week AW 10/11 –  but she’s very humble about such things.   I personally would be shouting it from the roof tops.

Overall, lots of lovely HT stuff on the market these days, from DMs to lampshades (not that one up there).  Check out The Harris Tweed Authority website for lots of information, they ain’t called Authority for nothing!


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