An afternoon at madam butterfly’s country cottage


I’m helping my friend this week build a site for her shop and as I looked through some photos I’d taken the last few times I visited, I kinda couldn’t wait to see them on her page and decided to give everyone a sneak peak.

Madam Butterfly is a shop in North Berwick, a cute seaside town not far from Edinburgh.  Its long been were the well-heeled Edinburghers had their seaside cottages mansions!

Madam Butterfly resides in a beautiful little cottage, slap bang in the middle of a field somewhere in East Lothian – my satnav doesn’t get met there, quite often she has to come and find me as i drive down and around endless country lanes.   On winter mornings, with low lying fog and bare, icey trees its like something out of a fairytale.

I was at  Madam Butts recently, as she got the place ready for an Indian lunch with friends.

home sweet home

so many treasures

Bubbles are mandatory at Madam Butterfly’s

the living room

laying the table

I’m going again this weekend, a few hours in the shop, fire on, friends round, wine open, chicken in the oven.  sigh.  i can’t wait.


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