Dim Sum Friday

The Civil Wars at O2 Academy | Glasgow

So it was W’s birthday on Friday and I managed to surprise her with some guest passes to see The Civil Wars.  Who I’ve had a major crush on since we saw them first up at Celtic Connections Big Top in Skye, earlier in the year and they were fab!  However, it looks like we may have caught one of their last gigs for a while, they were due to tour into next year but today according to their facebook update it appears they may be having a civil war of their own.  Shame, but they have cancelled the rest of their tour due to “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition“.  I did think at the gig that it was odd they didn’t interact much with the crowd or each other while on stage – and the crowd in Glasgow LOVED them.  They were going nuts.  Joy kept shaking her head in disbelief for the first few songs.  Check them out: www.civilwars.com   I’m sad for them, but grateful we got to see them in Glasgow (and hustle our way into the balcony where all 5’2″ girls need to be).

Before we went to the gig we had a few birthday drinks in The Dome, on George Street (Edinburgh) – who’s christmas decorations have to be seen to be believed:

THE Christmas Tree | photo by Andrew Ness | with my phone

This tree towers over the bar area, its quite something.  A little (!?) over the top, but one can’t help but love it (right?).  Bring on the Christmas markets and the gluhweine!!

Lets talk food.

Dim Sum. YUM!

I love dim sum and it always brings back memories of eating waaaaay too much with my friend Patricia, on Dim Sum Wednesdays in George Town (Penang) when I went to visit her there.

Since then, Dim Sum have found their way to Scotland.  We headed to Opium on Hope Street (Glasgow).  I love it – Dark interior – cute girls in black dresses –  Great food – Cocktails – what’s there not to like…

Cocktail time!

It was kinda too dark for my camera but you get the idea:

Dim Sum Yum

All in I had a pretty good day out considering it wasn’t even my birthday…


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