Winter has arrived in Scotland

I came home one night earlier in the week after a lovely evening in Edinburgh, eating sushi and hanging with ma crafty buddies (more on those topics later), so I’m home on the last train – off to bed.

NB: I’m not always eating seafood.

I get upstairs and find that its 6 degrees in my bedroom – that’s celsius (6 frickin’ degrees!!).  Isn’t that illegal or something?  I really do not like the cold and as I got into bed wearing my hillwalking socks and jumper and jogging pants (sexy huh?) I couldn’t stop my pissed-off mind jumping off to the warmer climates I’ve enjoyed in the past, and asking (not for the first time) why the heck didnt I stay there?:

(c) Russ

Australia/New Zealand:  Was there anything really wrong with the guy I could have married and forever more lived in my shorts and vest?  Right now, I can’t help but think I should have tried harder at that one…

California: How come I was born in the Outer Hebrides and not SoCal?  Life is soooooo unfair!!


France: God, I Love France.

How come everyone doesn’t live in France?  Here we are (W and I) out after dark and it’s still warm.  You just dont get after-dark warmth in Scotland, ever.

(we’ll talk more on France later)

Israel:  I know, I know -but you can’t knock the weather – especially in the spring…

Jordan perhaps?  On safer ground but unlikely I would have stayed, despite the efforts of a local I met outside Petra…

Sigh.  I’m not really one for wishing myself away to other places, or I’m not anymore.  So, as I’m in Scotland, its cold, its not going to get much better anytime soon – best just dust off The Tweeds, go out buy myself some (sexy) thermal underwear, grab a couple of hot water bottles on the way to bed (or maybe time for a hottie of another kind…) time to embrace the winter look:  Harris Tweed, pale skin (thumbs up for the scottish complexion), red lips, my fab turquoise Italian leather gloves and plenty red wine to warm the blood.

I’ll post some pics of The Tweeds and the red wine soon.  Gosh.  We have so much to talk about!

ps when the sun does shine in Scotland, its the best.  And The Isle of Harris is the best of the best:

We’ll talk handstands later too, if you’d like.  xx


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